Our team consists of diverse group of industry professionals and academics from the fields of games and education. We aim to be a holistic partner in all stages and forms of educational and informational game projects.

We can help your organization to define learning objectives and goals, create fast and cost-effective concept designs and prototypes and finally carry out the full-scale production. We also provide all related services such as user studies, marketing and localization.


Vocational education and games

Majority of vocational education is based on learning by doing. Games can provide a cost-effective supplement for regular project work, internships and classroom education.

Desktop or mobile based games utilizing management, adventure and puzzle game mechanics can provide an engaging experience about a certain aspects of professions, tasks and working environments. Games are already being used for training in many areas from finance and accounting to healthcare and possibilities are still growing.

Additionally, new 3D and augmented reality technologies enable the creation of immersive simulations and environments where student, trainee or introduced employee can get as close to the real task as digitally possible.

Meanfish Ltd is constantly working in co-operation with vocational college teachers and industry professionals creating learning applications and games for vocational education and training.

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