Game for Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Service Students

Chef Game is one of the most used digital learning materials on vocational college level in Finland.


Co-operation with RMIT University’s GEElab

Meanfish Ltd works together with academics and industry partners in the field of health gaming at RMIT Univerisity’s GEElab Europe in Karlsruhe, Germany.


The Extra-Terveellinen

The Extra-Terveellinen is a point-and-click adventure game prototype for secondary school students about healthy lifestyle choices.


PaLaVa: Visual Curriculum Design Tool for Vocational Education

PaLaVa is a visual tool for understanding and planning the personalized curriculum in vocational college.

Get a Life 2.0

Get a Life 2.0 is an interactive future working life simulation, where the user can experiment with different future scenarios of changing working life.

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