Game for Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Service Students


kokki2Chef Game (“Kokkipeli” in Finnish) is an educational game published by the Finnish Board of Education. It is aimed for hotel, restaurant and catering service students in vocational colleges and covers three categories: customer service, special diets and nutrition.

Project started in 2011 and the first game was published in late 2012. Game included 500 multiple choice questions, interactive puzzles, videos and images in the customer service category. It soon gathered a wide user base in Finnish vocational colleges with 36 registered educational institutes and over 4000 players, covering nearly one third of the target group in Finland. Game is also translated into Swedish.

Successful first game led to over tripling the content with two new categories (special diets and nutrition). New questions, puzzles, videos, animations and restaurant items will make the game provide learning content for students in several phases of their three-year curriculum. New content was published in November 2014 with the Swedish content update coming early 2015.

Game is build around the player managing a virtual restaurant. Game includes also a multiplayer mode for students in the same class and an extensive back-end for teachers to track the progression and adjust the difficulty for individual students with learning difficulties.

Game is based on HTML5 technology and can be played for free on all modern browsers and on iPad.

Game can be accessed in in Finnish and in Swedish.


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